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General conditions (online payments) - Jan Thiel Tourist Info B.V.

The focus of our service is, that you can arrange tours and activities easily, as if you were sitting at home on your couch. Jan Thiel Tourist Info B.V. arranges the delivery of Ticket(s) as intermediary. We do this online through our reservation and payment system, where you and Tour provider find each other.


  • "Jan Thiel Tourist Info", "we" or "our": Jan Thiel Tourist Info B.V., a Private limited company with limited liability incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands.
  • "Website": the (mobile) website and app where the Ticket service is available, is owned, controlled, managed, maintained and hosted by Jan Thiel Tourist Info.
  • "Tour-provider": the provider of products or services, related to tourist activities, offered through and handled by our website
  • "Customer", "you": user of Website and Ticket service.
  • "Ticket": the proof of participation (ticket, voucher) for the tourist activity, that you receive from us, after your payment has been received
  • "Ticket service": the handling of the purchase of Ticket through websites of Jan Thiel Tourist Info ( and Mermaid Boat Trips (


These general conditions, as may be amended from time to time, relate to all services that are being offered online, through each mobile device, by email or by phone. By going to our website, viewing the pages and/or using the Ticket service, you acknowledge and agree that you read, understood and agree with the general conditions below (including the privacy statement).

Jan Thiel Tourist Info B.V. manages these pages, as well as Ticket service as offered on website. These services are offered to you for personal use only and only against the hereafter following conditions. For the relationship with the Tour-provider, separate general conditions apply in which the commercial relationship has been defined. The Tour-providers apply their own general conditions and house rules concerning the offered product/service and its execution, which may contain a disclaimer and limitation of liability.

Our service

Through this website, we offer an online platform, where Tour-providers can handle reservations for their products and services. The final purchase agreement is between you and the Tour- provider. We act solely as an intermediary while delivering the Tickets.
We don’t (re)sell and offer tourist activities. All products or services that are being offered, as well as special promotions on the Website are provisional.
We are not liable for any (typographical) errors, price changes or changes in offer and availability. Our Ticket service is only made available for personal and non-commercial use. Therefore, you are not allowed to use content or information, software, reservations, tickets available on Website for any other purpose.

Rates and Payment methods

The rates of the Tickets are displayed at least in the currencies EURO or US Dollar.
Unless otherwise indicated, all rates include VAT/sales tax and/other taxes. Rates are per person or per group and depend on the validity or expiration date as indicated on the Ticket.
When using a currency conversion, this serves only as an indication and should not be considered accurate or up to date. The real time, actual rates may vary.

The reservations done through Website, are paid through Jan Thiel Tourist Info. Direct payment to Tour-provider does not dismiss you of your payment obligation towards Jan Thiel Tourist Info, unless previously and explicitly agreed upon. Jan Thiel Tourist Info accepts among others: Ideal, PayPal, Mastercard and Visa. For payment through bank transfer, it is mandatory to send a separate request. On request of the Tour-provider, service costs and taxes may be charged. These charges are always mentioned separately.

In case of late payment or partial payment of the customer, Jan Thiel Tourist Info has the right to undo the reservation.

Special promotions in the form of “Codes”, can be used only once during the order process and entitle to a discount on the total amount, unless specified otherwise. Codes cannot be processed afterwards. In case of misuse of codes, Jan Thiel Tourist Info reserves the right to cancel orders.

Tour-suppliers may oblige you -in case of certain (nonrefundable) rates or special offers-, to pay up front without the option to cancel and refund. Verify the (reservation) details of the product or service you choose, before making the reservation. Jan Thiel Tourist Info cannot be held responsible for (legally) charging your credit card and you cannot reverse or claim back any amount, for the valid or authorized charge of your credit card.

In case of credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by third parties, most credit card companies bear the risk and cover all costs resulting by such misuse. This is sometimes subject to a coinsurance (mostly EUR 50 or the equivalent in another currency). To be entitled to a reimbursement, you must report this fraud at your credit card provider (in compliance with their report guide lines and procedures) and email us directly through Mention “credit card fraud” in the subject and attach your proof of the charged coinsurance (for example the conditions of the credit card company). This reimbursement is only applicable to credit card reservations that were made through the secure server of and where the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through default or negligence of Jan Thiel Tourist, through no fault of your own while using our server.

Tickets, Delivery, changes, cancellations and no-show

Jan Thiel Tourist Info will, unless stated otherwise, send the Ticket(s) to the email address as provided by you within 24 hours.

You shall directly verify the Ticket(s) after receipt and follow the instructions as mentioned on the Ticket or in the accompanying email.

The validity of the Ticket(s) is clearly indicated on the document itself. Ticket(s) can be used once. After the expiration date of the Ticket(s), they cannot be redeemed or adjusted anymore.

Before adjusting Tickets, you must always contact Jan Thiel Tourist Info. Adjustments in Tickets are subject to approval of the Tour provider. A request for a change, must be done at least 72 hours prior to the expiration date of the Ticket.

Charges may be applied for cancellation of Tickets. The Customer must always contact Jan Thiel Tourist Info prior to a cancellation. Cancellations within 48 hours prior to expiration date of the ticket and a no show, will not be reimbursed.

Tickets with an open date that may be redeemed within a certain period, cannot be cancelled.

The right of withdrawal is not applicable for products of services related to tourist activities.

Jan Thiel Tourist Info is not liable for loss or theft of Tickets

Tickets may not be resold or transferred to third parties, without prior, written permission of Jan Thiel Tourist Info.

Jan Thiel Tourist Info does not accept any liability or responsibility for the consequences of your late arrival or cancellation or no-show fees charged by Tour provider.

Personal data

Personal data such as name, phone number and email address, are solely used on behalf of the Ticket. The data will be used, as far as permitted by law, for the conduct of business of the Tour provider or her affiliated corporations or third parties and will not longer be stored than necessary.
The Customer will give Jan Thiel Tourist Info irrevocable consent for use and storage of the (personal) data.
Should Jan Thiel Tourist Info be obliged to provide (personal) details to third parties, based on law or regulation, Jan Thiel Tourist Info is entitled to do so.

Tour-provider, tours and activities

Jan Thiel Tourist Info acts solely as an intermediary and not as a Tour-provider, the operator of the offered tours and activities. Jan Thiel Tourist Info does not have influence on the quality and execution of the tour or activity.

A tour or activity may be amended, rescheduled or cancelled, according to the conditions of the Tour-provider. In such a case, Jan Thiel Tourist Info tries to inform you about this. Jan Thiel Tourist Info cannot be hold responsible in such a situation and is not liable for damages.


Participation in / use of the services and products of the Tour-provider are fully on your own risk. Instructions of the Tour-provider must be followed.

Jan Thiel Tourist Info disclaims any liability or responsibility for any damage, costs and claims due to handling, negligence of Tour-provider, participation of customer in and/or using the products or services of the Tour-provider.

Tour-provider is always responsible for the withholding, remittance and payment of the applicable taxes regarding the amount of the Ticket, to the relevant tax authorities, regardless if we facilitate the payment of the Ticket. Jan Thiel Tourist Info never acts as seller of any product or service on Website. You acknowledge and agree that the concerning Tour-provider is solely responsible regarding his/her products or services.

Jan Thiel Tourist Info shall only be liable for direct damage suffered, paid or incurred by you due to an attributable shortcoming of our obligations in respect to our services, up to an aggregate amount of the aggregate cost of your Ticket.

Every claim against or complaint directed against Jan Thiel Tourist Info or concerning the Tour-provider has to be filed as soon as possible but in any event within 30 days after the planned date of use of the product or service. Every claim or complaint that is filed after the period of 30 days, may be refused and the claimant will lose his right to any compensation (of damage or costs)

Applicable law, jurisdiction, and dispute resolution

The laws of the Netherlands are applicable to these conditions. Jan Thiel Tourist Info accepts no other domicile on no other place in the world, then the registered office in the Netherlands.

All disputes between Jan Thiel Tourist Info and the Customer arising from the order of Tickets through the Website, will be submitted to the therefore authorized judge.

Jan Thiel Tourist Info B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands with number 729098030000, located at Hertlaan 18, 8076 PH Vierhouten, Netherlands, accessible on phone number +(31)6 515 52 782 and by e-mail on